Community Health and Development Programme

NonProfit Organization working for the development of Tribal and Rural Communities in India since 1983

Build a world where all children are safe

Our Mission

Build empowered and self-reliant people of Tribals, rural poor, small farmers, Women, Youth, and children in the CHDP adopted area of Tamil Nadu and Kerala states by enhancing the capacity of CHDP staff and evolving sustainable development programs focused on Gender, Equality, Human Rights, and Environmental Protection through People’s Participation.



Egg for Child Campaign

Nutrition is the basic right of every child. Because their parents are extremely poor, these children are denied the right to food & shelter. With your support, they can start a new life & empower themselves.

What we do

We plan and support amazing projects that help change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people from across different regions of the world.

Egg for Child

CHDP is dedicated to promoting child nutrition campaigns in Udumalpet, Tiruppur district, with the goal of addressing malnutrition among children. Our mission is to facilitate access to nutritious food, educate families on healthy eating habits, and ensure that children receive the necessary medical care for optimal growth and development. By doing so, we strive to create a healthier and more vibrant community through our various programs.

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Tribal Women Empowerment

CHDP is an NGO committed to promoting Tribal Women Empowerment through a range of economic activities. Our mission is to foster sustainable livelihoods for tribal women in the region, enabling them to achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency. Our programs encompass agriculture, handicrafts, and small business development, with a particular emphasis on harnessing women’s skills and strengths to drive long-lasting change in their communities.

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Mangroves Project

CHDP is an environmental NGO dedicated to mitigating climate change in the Chennai Pulicat region through its Mangrove Plantation program. The program is designed to restore the natural ecosystem and reduce the impact of climate change on the region. Working in collaboration with local communities and government authorities, CHDP plants new mangrove saplings, protects existing forests, and raises awareness about the vital role of mangrove forests in mitigating climate change. As a result of the program, CHDP has witnessed significant improvements in the ecosystem, and it remains committed to promoting a sustainable and resilient future for the planet and the local community.

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Women Economic Empowerment Project

CHDP is a development-focused NGO that advocates for Tribal Women Empowerment by offering a range of economic activities aimed at creating sustainable livelihoods for women in the region. Tribal women often face significant challenges such as limited education, lack of opportunities, and cultural biases, which can make it difficult to support themselves and their families. To overcome these barriers, CHDP collaborates with women to design business models that leverage their unique strengths and address the needs of their communities. Their programs encompass agriculture, handicrafts, and small business development, with a strong emphasis on training, resources, and support to help women start and grow their businesses. Women who participate in CHDP’s programs report an increase in income, self-esteem, and stronger relationships with their families and communities, demonstrating the positive impact of CHDP’s work on women’s empowerment in the region.

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